There are a range of settings you can configure within the Striver application.

Disable lock screen with prevent the lock screen from coming on.  You may find this useful if your phone is mounted on your bike handlebars, perhaps will using the map, and you need to always have visibility of Striver.

Auto Pause is a feature used during recording that detects when movement has stopped and pauses the recording until movement is detected again.  This enables a separate Elapsed and Moving time.  Recording is paused if a movement is not detected for 15 seconds.


You can enable some audible voice notifications that will keep you informed about your activity during recording.  The notifications will be announced at the appropriate time or distance provided you are moving.


If you wish to receive toast notifications when your activities are given kudos or comments or when you have a new follower then you can enable them here.



4 thoughts on “Settings

  1. Murali SK


    For last few days, I am not able to launch the app in my Lumia 930.

    Any help on to fix this?



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