Simply press the record button to start recording your ride or run.  Information such as your elapsed time, current speed and distance will be displayed.


To stop or pause your recording press the record button again.  To resume the recording press record again you will be asked whether you want to resume or start a new recording.

If, in settings’ you have ‘Auto Pause’ enabled you will see an Elapsed Time and a Moving Time timer.  Striver pauses the moving timer if you have stopped moving for 15 seconds or more.

You may also wish to load a previously recorded route onto the map to help with navigation on an unfamiliar route.  You can do this in several ways.

  • Firstly you can go to the feed of your own activities and choose ‘ride this route’ from the bottom menu bar.
  • Secondly you can load a gpx file from One Drivce directly from with the Striver app. You can click the ‘one drive gpx’ button from the record screen above to view all the gpx files on you One Drive in a folder called ‘Striver Data’.  Place gpx file in this folder on your One Drive to access them here.


  • Thirdly Striver is associated with the gpx file type.  This means you can navigate to anywhere on your Windows Phone where you can access files and open a gpx file from there. For example you can open a gpx file that is an attachment to an email, open a gpx file directly from the official One Drive app, open a gpx file that is stored on your device or sd card via the Microsoft ‘Files’ app etc, etc. When you chose the file Strive will launch and automatically load the route onto the recording map.

If you have an Zephyr HxM heart rate monitor then tapping the heart icon will establish the connection to the monitor and record and include your heart rate data when uploading the Strava.

To save the recording press the Finish button.  You can then name your ride and set other options related to the ride.


When you press save your ride will be uploaded to STRAVA.  If you choose to upload later then it will be saved locally, and visible in your profile activities, until you are ready to upload.

If for any reason the Striver application is closed whilst actively recording then it will save what it can at that time.  When you next open Striver it will ask you if you would like to restore what it managed to save. You can the resume, upload or discard the recording.



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