You can view your STRAVA profile and your activities.  If you wish to revoke access to your STRAVA account then you can do this here.  Your preferences from STRAVA are displayed and respected within STRIVER.  So if you want to change the displayed units from miles to km then go to the Strava website and change it there and it will flow down to Striver.


If there are any recorded activities that have not yet been uploaded then they will have the red upload icon next to them.



One thought on “Profile

  1. Brendan


    I have had issues with Striver becoming disconnected from Strava. I have saved activities locally. I have just tried following previous advice given and revoked, then reenabled accesss to Strava. It appears my locally saved activities have been lost.

    Could you please confirm whether this is what occurs. If so, ugh!. If not, can you provide guidance in finding, then uploading, my locally saved activities.

    Kind Regards,


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