Release Notes

9th March 2015 – v1.10.5

– You can now view the segment achievements, efforts and kudos givers of other Athletes who are also Striver users.

– You can now choose a language from within the Striver Settings rather than the app using the phones current language.

– Display of related riders in an activity

– Run activities now display Pace and Split data.

– French, Italian & Polish Localization (please help with any bad translations)

– Totally reviewed and improved Portuguese Localization (Thanks to Marco)

– Premium member logo to athlete thumbnails

– Refresh button on onedrive file browser.

– Improved handling when there’s no data connection

– Improved save of current recording if unexpected exception occurs

– Feed ordering bug is now hopefully fixed

– App deactivation reason is displayed in the ‘restore recording’ message on reactivation


15th Jan 2015 – v1.9.5

– Manual Entry of Activities.  Tap the ‘plus’ button in the application bar along the bottom of the record screen.
– Ability to edit your existing activities name, type, description etc.
– Heart Rate Monitor auto connect. When recording starts Striver will automatically try and connect to your heart rate monitor.
– Share activities.  When viewing the details of an activity you can share the url of the activity to your social networks.

1st Dec 2014 – v1.8.3

– Current Street : the map view now shows the street name of your current position.
– Power and energy information now displayed in activity detail.
– Heart Rate information : If you are a Strava premium subscriber and your activity contains heart rate information then this is now displayed on the activity view along with a heart rate/distance chart.
– Night time map option (road view only)
– Various bug fixes.

24th Sept 2014 – v1.7.5

– Auto Pause : Enable in ‘Settings’. Once enabled then you will see both Elapsed Time and Moving Time on the record screen.  When Striver detects that you have stopped then the Moving Timer will pause until movement is once again detected.

– Load a gpx :  You can now load a gpx file onto the map for route guidance purposes.  You can load a route from one of your own previous activities, or from a gpx file via Record\Map screen from a ‘Strava Data’ folder on your OneDrive, from anywhere on your phone you can access a gpx file e.g. An email attachment, from the official OneDrive app, from documents stored on your phone or SD Card using the Microsoft ‘Files’ app etc.  Essentially Striver is now associated with gpx files on your phone.

26th Aug 2014 – v1.6.2

– Support for Zephyr HxM heart rate monitor
– Ability to delete activities from the local device and Strava
– Some UI tweaks and bug fixes

9th Aug 2014 – v1.5.2

– Give Kudos and Post Comments directly from Striver
– View a list of your followers, who you’re following and your KOM/QOM/CR from the profile page

1st July 2014 – v1.4.3

– Upload your activities to your OneDrive as a gpx file
– Support for Portuguese, French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish

26th May 2014 – v1.3.1

– About and Option has been split into three separate area : About and Help, Premium Features, Settings
– About and Help contains some recording tips and a link the online user guide.
– Settings has the addition of a configurable range of audible voice notifications to keep you informed during a recording.
– Optional Toast Notifications for new followers, kudos and comments.  You should be prompted on first running Striver.  You can edit the notifications in Settings.
– Prompt for user feed back on 5th and 10th time of running Striver.
– Fixed bug when viewing segments with a phone has a culture that uses commas for thousands separators

– Fixed issue with authorization screen on some lower resolution devices.

3rd May 2014 – v1.2

  • Re-designed activity detail UI.  Added more summary information and increased map size, dedicated pages for segment results, kudos & comments.
  • Improved activity details for users that have saved an activity locally on the device and chosen not to upload to Strava.
  • Bugs fixes

10th April 2014 – v1.1.2

  • The activities in the feeds are now grouped by date.
  • The feeds now auto loads more items onto the list as you scroll down to view older activities.  Strava allows you to go back up to 200 activities.
  • When viewing the details of one of your activities you can now drill down into the segments to view it on a map, see your time and ranking and the leader boards for the segment.  You can also filter the leader board by the clubs you are a member of.
  • If whilst actively recording an activity the app is closed then Striver saves what it can of the recording so far.  When the app is next started Striver asks you if you would like to restore it and if you do you can then resume or finish the recording.  Currently in Windows Phone 8 an app can be closed by the user hitting the back button on the phone or the user opening several more apps until it decides to close some that are running in the background to free more resources.
  • Re-Styled the activity type icon in the feeds.
  • Fixed feed run\walk icon
  • Fixed feed ordering bug
  • Fixed Calories not displaying on activity detail page
  • Fixed bug where restored activity after app closing did not clear if user chose cancel
  • Fixed bug where incorrect activity type was uploaded to Strava
  • You can now also purchase the ‘Upload to Strava’ in app purchase directly from the ‘About\Purchases’ page
  • Added GPS signal status and strength indicator


30th March 2014

v1.0.7.5 – Fixes issue with Activity detail displaying previously viewed Activity’s map.


11th March 2014

First Release

2 thoughts on “Release Notes

  1. Matt

    I cannot get GPX files to import. I exported them as GPX files from Ride With but they will not import to your Striver app. Is there any way I can fix this. The error message says: “There was a problem loading this gpx.”.

    Would love to use this app if I can get it working.


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