Striver (#strava client) v1.3 just released

Another release of Striver, the Strava client for Windows Phone, has just hit the store!

– Settings has the addition of a configurable range of audible voice notifications to keep you informed during a recording.

– Optional Toast Notifications for new followers, kudos and comments.

– About and Help contains some recording tips and a link the online user guide.

I hope you enjoy these new features and please do get in touch about any bugs or feedback about Striver.

Striver Languages

Striver is going to support multiple languages in the near future.  Would any multilingual users out there be willing to check over some screen shots to make sure the translations are good?  I have used to do this before but it’s much better to have a native speaker validate the results.

STRIVER (STRAVA client) work in progress.

My son and I have got into cycling recently and we have both discovered STRAVA. I love STRAVA. The way it compares your rides to other users and analyses the data is superb.  You need a GPS enabled device to make the most of STRAVA but the options on Windows Phone are very limited as there is not an official app and very few 3rd party apps that integrate with STRAVA. So I have have started work on a dedicated STRAVA client for Windows Phone.

The initial requirements are to record a ride and upload it directly to your STRAVA account, view your account details, activities and feed.

A Beta version is now in testing.  View more info here.