Cockney Talk



Hello my old China Plate!

Cockney rhyming slang is a colourful and amusing form of speech originating in the east end of London England.

This app helps you to translate a sentence into cockney and then share the results with your friends via text, email or social networks.

There’s also an English to Cockney and Cockney to English dictionary for your reference.

Please note that this app does not generate audio.


Big thanks to for kindly allowing me use the cockney character in the app.

Release Notes:


  • Enabled predictive text.
  • Added a few more Cockney words to the dictionary. (Thank you for the feedback!)
  • Fixed small animation glitches.
  • Added advertising (Sorry, got to cover costs some how)


  • Added credit for artwork in about page.
  • Got rid of some files bloating the size of the app.

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