Striver the #strava client for Windows Phone v1.10 released

What’s new in v1.10?

– You can now view the segment achievements, efforts and kudos givers of other Athletes who are also Striver users.

– You can now choose a language from within the Striver Settings rather than the app using the phones current language.

– Display of related riders in an activity

– Run activities now display Pace and Split data.

– French, Italian & Polish Localization (please help with any bad translations)

– Totally reviewed and improved Portuguese Localization (Thanks to Marco)

– Premium member logo to athlete thumbnails

– Refresh button on onedrive file browser.

– Improved handling when there’s no data connection

– Improved save of current recording if unexpected exception occurs

– Feed ordering bug is now hopefully fixed

– App deactivation reason is displayed in the ‘restore recording’ message on reactivation

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