Striver In-app purchase problem.

There are a number of reports of people being asked to buy their Striver in-app purchases again.  It’s currently being investigated.  I’ll post any updates here in due course.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update 4 – Update from Microsoft  ** We have identified the issue and are in the process of rolling it out to production. ETA is 9/24 in the PM or 9/25 in the AM at the latest.

Update 3 – Microsoft has now confirmed there is an issue and their engineers are try to resolve it.  You can find more information here:

Update 2 – A couple of work around can be tried until Microsoft resolve the issue.

1. Uninstall and the reinstall (warning : you will loose any rides not yet uploaded to Strava)


  1. You have previously purchased a feature but you are prompted to purchase again.
  2. You choose to purchase and it takes you to the WP store where you have a ‘buy’ button instead of the ‘You already own this – Install’ button.
  3. Click cancel instead.
  4. Close the Striver app completely.
  5. Start Striver.
  6. The feature is now enabled again with a status of ‘Purchased’.  You are no longer prompted to purchase.

Update 1 – A number of other app developers are reporting the same issue.  It appears to be an issue at Microsoft’s end to do with In App Purchase licences not being flagged as active when they should be.

16 thoughts on “Striver In-app purchase problem.

  1. Malcolm Hand

    I have Striver on my nokia 930, I have tried to purchase the strava uploader but when I click on Purchase I get an error stating store is not available error code 805a01f4? do you have a workaround for this

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Malcolm, I’ve had this reported a handful of times over the last week. It’s an issue some other app developers have had but there’s little consensus about what causes it. I’ve reported it to Microsoft. Some people suggest trying again in a day or two, some suggest a hard reboot of the phone can fix it, others suggest an uninstall and reinstall of the app (be careful with this as this will delete any activities you have in striver that have not yet been uploaded to Strava). If I get anything back from Microsoft about it I will let you know.

  2. Mr Blackmore

    Hi again, I’ve got the same problem as Malcolm, with the error 805a01f4 so I can’t buy the app for upload my activities to Strava. I’m trying for days but always get the same error. The app is great but is useless for me if i can´t get this function, so I hope a solution. I’ve got a Nokia Lumia 620 and my payment option is telephone operator if it helps 😉

    Thanks in advance.

    1. admin Post author

      Sorry it’s taken so long to reply and thanks for getting in touch and the detail you provided. Are you still getting this?

  3. Jeroen Mous

    I have purchased the Upload Activities To Strava feature a whila ago, but recently I find that it is not recognized and I have to buy it again. Is it because this feature is only valid for a certain period or what else could be the problem?
    By the way: the Dutch translation sucks big time. Why can’t I set the language of the app to English?

    1. admin Post author

      Sorry it’s taken so long to reply. Have you followed the workaround steps above? Sorry about the bad Dutch translation. Would you be prepared to correct some of them? The language displayed in Striver is determined by the language of the phone itself. Perhaps it would be better so that the user can select a language from within the app?

  4. peter jessen

    Since one month I am trying to install the app “Upload Activities to Strava”, but it fails.
    The message “store is not available” with “error code 805a01f4” appears. Tried with Paypal and with Windows giftcard, but both do not work. Spend one hour on the phone with Microsoft NL and one hour chatting with Microsoft UK, but problem is not solved.
    Can buy other apps, but not this one. I can send the transcript of the chat if you are interested in the actions taken as part of the investigation.
    At Microsoft a problem in Striver is expected, but they promissed to investigate further. Are you waiting for them, or do you have a remedy to solve the error?
    I really appreciate a solution soon.

  5. olly

    hi got the striver app over a month ago buy i cant buy the strava uploader i have tried lots of times over the last month and ever time its saying , cant connect , we’re having trouble connecting to the store at the moment. try again in a little while.

    can anyone help thanks olly

    1. admin Post author


      Sorry to hear this. Do you get this error code? 805a01f4. There was a problem like this back in December and it appeared to be an intermittent issue with Microsoft store. I’ve not had anyone report this since then until the last week or so where it seems to have returned. I notice a couple of over developers have also seen this return recently too.

      The official Microsoft meaning of that error code is :

      This error occurs when there is a temporary service disruption.

      Wait a little while and then try again.

      See here :

      In the past I’ve been asked by Microsoft to ask users to contact their technical support regarding this issue :

      Let me know how you get on if you contact them.

      Kind Regards,

  6. olly

    hi not getting any error code, just cant connect , we’re having trouble connecting to the store at the moment. try again in a little while.

    i can get apps from the store and i can use the striver app but it will not let me buy the strava uploader just always gets the same message as above ?

  7. Marco Picozzi

    After Windows Phone Update, experienced the upload problem.
    I’ve solved using the “Update 2” advice.
    Now everything’s ok.

    Thanks a lot.


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